Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Charlotte NC & Gaston County, Union County

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Installing hardwood floors is expensive. Protect your investment by giving Heaven’s Best for hardwood floor cleaning and sanitizing a call! No matter how hard you try, your floors always seem to be full of scratches and scuff marks and never quite seems to shine like it used to. Our unique cleaning process gets rid of dirt, grime and other particles that scratch and dull your floor. Heaven’s Best cleans, sanitizes, and conditions your hardwood floors to make them shine like new. Also, our process protects them so that they become more resilient to those scratches.

There are many different things that dull and ruin your floor over time. That’s why we suggest cleaning and sanitizing your hardwood floors professionally up to four times a year depending on the frequency of the traffic. It becomes unrealistic to professionally cleans and sanitizes your floors every time you have a scratch or dirt spot on your floor. In order to extend the effects of professional floor cleaning, regularly clean and sanitize your floors. Sweep your floor 1 -2 times daily and mop once a week if this is a high traffic area. For a low trafficked area, you only need to sweep once or twice a week and mop once a month. This will help get rid of daily dirt and grime that rubs against and dulls your hardwood floor.

Our Process

Heaven’s Best uses a unique product that cleans, sanitizes, conditions, and protects all different types of hardwood and laminate floors. We apply a protectant finish to preserve your floor. Because of our specially formulated product, the life and appearance of your floor will be extended. You won’t be able to see the wear and tear on your floors after a visit from Heaven’s Best. Our process will restore your floor and make your floor shine like new! Give us a call today to give your hardwood floor a cleaner, fresher look.

Why Heaven's Best is the Perfect Choice

Technicians are specially trained & experienced.

Hardwood Floors will Last Longer.

Quick Drying.

We apply a protectant finish.

We Include Additional Disinfectant Free of Charge.

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